By: Omkar Thakur | Date - 5th August 2018

Yes we were on the streets this Sunday!!! This friendship day we decided to aid our dear friends who live on the streets , and cant afford house and basic treatment!

Total of our young 11 switch medicos gathered early morning at lilavati hospital in bandra and were divided in 3 groups, and started off in different directions to explore Mumbai's unreached streets with the aim of delivering the basic medical care, references and hygiene.etc.

Two groups started southwards and one group decided to head towards central suburbs. The whole of south mumbai from bandra till fort as well as ghatkopar and surrounding areas were covered till afternoon.

Cases of rat bites, bodyache, osteoarthritis ,cold & fever , fungal infections were treated and some were referred to nearby civil hospitals.Elderly and pregnant women were compulsorily given iron and folic acid tablets.

Oh well, we also had a live demo of ‘Correct method of brushing for the kids’ and the kids were so responsive and interactive. Following this Shifa spoke about the importance of ‘Healthy Diet’ and the ‘Do’s & Don’ts of eating’ for the kids .She also emphasized on the importance of proteins, vitamins and how essential they are for growing children. Sneha spoke about Exercise and its importance for children.

Men were educated about the ill effects of alcohol and smoking and were referred to nearby government rehabilation centres.

A total of 100 plus patients were treated for and more than 150 were counselled. Indeed it was an Happiest Friendship Day