By: Zainab Shabbir Shakir | Date - 28th July 2018

On the pleasant cloudy morning of the 28th of July, we, the members of Switch India, visited the Zilha Parishad School in Kopra on the outskirts of Kharghar to educate the students of standards 1st to 7th about oral and personal hygiene, hand washing technique, menstrual hygiene and first aid.

The aim was to educate the children about their importance, the ways in which they can be maintained and their impact on an individual's health.

We counselled around 350 students in an interactive and fun session where the children enthusiastically raised hands whenever asked questions and actively participated in the demonstration of activities.

The students, themselves aspiring to be doctors, were very receptive and assured to implement the acts that they hadn't been performing in the past.

We also learnt about the awareness of hygienic practices and first aid measures among the children.

We provided the school with a First Aid Kit explaining the uses of each medicament to the staff.

Through this camp, we wished to give insight into the importance of cleanliness in preventing diseases at the primary level and improving the quality of life.

In addition, kniwledge about first aid measures would guide them to control bleeding and prevent infections through the injuries they might face in day to day life.

Overall, it was a great experience and a fruitful endeavor. Happiness lies in being healthy. So switch to rural health, make a difference!