By: Nikita Kolhe | Date - 16th June 2019

They said ,"BE THE PERSON YOU NEEDED AS A KID." This honestly changed me into who I am today. I am going to tell how.....-LIFE BASIC KITS !!

You all must be aware of a man who was great archer and swordsman.In 13 century robbed the rich and serve the poor .He was robinhood.

"Roti Kapda Makan" basic needs of a person. Aren,t we lucky enough to get all this from a caregivers ?

But what about those who don't have ?

- Switch India with Robinhood army(RHA)

Robinhood army the zero fund organisation who provide food to hungry people, coverings to bare and roof to homeless with the Robins.

Switch India the platform where all young medicos gather and serve the people who are in pain and treat their diseases with selfless intentions.

-Rural medical camp in kunjirwadi

The group of 6 enthusiastic doctors with 25 Robbins gathered at kunjirwadi who are desperate to treat people and help them. The patients had different problems and different treatment needs.

Skillfully doctors manage to satisfy them all.General examination, blood pressure measurement, prescription of tablets and counselling , giving physiotherapy, referring doctors in some cases like rheumatoid arthritis ,severe dislocations ,vision impairment etc,ergonomics advises and sanitary pads to womens in reproductive age were distributed.

RHA Robins were also supporting pillars at work. Finding locations ,cleaning floor ,coordinating with doctors ,managing patient chaos, listening to the patient complaints, taking care of geriatric population, providing food and much more.

84 patients were taken care and treated.


Last but not least gratitude is key to happiness.

Thanks !! to switch India and also RHA in collaboration to it for amazing camp.
There is no big thing then inner peace in life.
The self satisfaction which we get is big Zenith.
Let's have a call to action for humanity.
Non medicos do join RHA and medicos do treat with switch.