By: Yoshita Dayaramani, Suraj Barne | Date - 21st April 2019

“To feel much for others and little for ourselves; to restrain our selfishness and exercise our benevolent affections, constitute the perfection of human nature”.

We truly assert our faith in these words by the widely renowned moral philosopher, Adam Smith, and feel extremely honoured for having received an opportunity to serve the underprivileged.

Switch India in collaboration with the ‘Robinhood Army - Pune Chapter’ recently organized a Free Medical Camp in Khandala, with the purpose to serve the Tribal Population in remote areas of Khandala and provide them with Basic Health Check-up alongside gifting them Food, Clothes and Footwear.

Our team of 18 volunteers comprised of Physicians, healthcare professionals and medical students from 7 different universities. For many of us it was the first time volunteering for a camp, but our drive, energy and enthusiasm knew no bounds.

The camp was conducted at two sites – Upper Thackerwadi and Vikas Valley, both located about 1.5 km apart in Khandala. On reaching Upper Thakerwadi early in the morning, there was a quick site assessment following which we set up the camp. As soon as the camp commenced, people started showing interest and began to line up.

The camp was set-up in a manner that it had a Registration desk, BP assessment desk, General Examination desk, Physicians’ desk, Physiotherapists’ desk, Blood examination desk, Counseling desk and a Pharmacy. All the volunteers switched roles every now and then in order to contribute to every station equally.

37 children and adults were thoroughly examined to detect basic health problems, medication was given accordingly and appropriate counseling was provided regarding disease condition and treatment plan. The camp concluded by noon and everyone proceeded to Vikas Valley.

This site was located further towards the woods amidst lush green trees, providing an ambient environment for people to reside there. The camp was set up in the same manner as before but we welcomed a greater number of patients here, 96 to be precise; each one of them examined, screened and advised as per existing health condition.

Among various health issues like mineral and vitamin deficiencies, allergic conditions and postural myalgia, it was malnutrition among children that was largely observed and was extremely concerning.

This led us to address the locals and educate them on topics like health and nutrition, environmental cleanliness and personal hygiene and sanitation. Seeing them participate in the discussions and being receptive to the information we delivered was a huge motivation and brought us happiness. The entire vibe of the camp was bustling with positivity.

All in all, it was a day of service that put certain things in perspective for most of us. It made us realize that nothing in life comes without hardship, and that by simply carrying dreams in our eyes and fire in our bellies, we can make all the difference.

We are thankful to the Robinhood Army for looking after the logistics and also for ensuring that we all were comfortable. Everyone's smiles and joy-filled eyes even after an exerting day, conveyed the feeling of content, peace, and satisfaction within each one of us and our desire to volunteer for many more events like this.