“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

These words of one of the greatest innovators in the world—Steve Jobs—ring true even today. And not just for individuals. Institutions, entities and even countries have become superpowers thanks to their large pool of innovators, if you doubt me, ask Japan or Singapore!

Sadly, India, despite having the largest youth population in the world, seriously lacks dedicated resources for research. We have the talent, but we lack tangible avenues to hone that talent, leading to brain drain and slow progress for a country destined to shine.

At Switch India, we want to rewrite India’s research story.We aim to ‘technify’ the medical fraternity. Be it through mentorships by students or experts / initial seed funding/ connecting you to the investors and innovators/ providing you with manpower or just support, we would be glad to help you nurture your idea.


Medical Innovation

Switch India in collaboration with M.I.C.E.- Labs & Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals invites
all such innovative minds to train and upgrade themselves to become a TECHNO –MEDICO expert
& be a part of this Technological Revolution in the Indian Healthcare System.