By: Animesh Jain | Date - 10th June 2018

Being a part of community and our country it is our duty to give something back to the world. We all see different problems in our country one of which is health of each individual.

So to make one step into our duty and towards a joy of serving humanity that was a beautiful opportunity and experience to move on with NGO Switch India.

The medical camp was conducted on 10/6/18 at sector 6 Kharghar, Mumbai. Camp started at around 8:30 am along with young volunteers being medical students from different colleges. Around 25 volunteers were ready with their breakfasts to serve small village Haidorwadi in Kharghar inspite of Mumbai on being high alerts for heavy rains.

Around 100+ patients inclusive of almost all age groups were screened, counselled, treated and guided for proper health advice by all young volunteers.

Blood pressure, General examination, Dental examination and advice, Counselling and treatment by Physiotherapist and Physicians, Pharmacy including basic medications, and Health Education these were the different aspects in which patients were screened.

For the children not getting daily meals due to absence of parents at home during day time, there was arrangements of snacks for those childs, needful patients, and for volunteers too by NGO - Temple Of India.

It was a great effort towards awareness of health and diseases among people in community and a genuine attempt to understand and improve the status of health care in indian community by volunteers and organisers of Switch India and Temple Of India.

Thanks to all of them for this wonderful experience. May all our efforts succeed one day to achieve the Health for all.