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What is 'Inside out'?

What is Switch India?

It is a community organisation started by young medicos with an aim to transform and strengthen the healthcare system in India, one small step at a time.

Who runs this service?

The inside out team consists of young medicos under the supervision of trained mental health professionals.

When was this service started?

Inside out was launched on October 10, 2017.

What languages can I write in?

You can write to us in English as well as Hindi.

Where are you based?

Mumbai, India

What can I talk about?

You can share any issues causing psychological and emotional distress to you, from academic/work related stress to grief, peer problems, relationship, life, family, etc.

Can I just mail to vent out?

Yes, absolutely. You can vent out all your emotions & thoughts with us. You won’t be judged here. It’s a safe space for you to express your thoughts.

How can you help me?

Our volunteers will work via email exchanges. You will receive detailed, personalized responses to your emails within 24-48 hours. We might also suggest exercises like journaling, and provide you with articles, books, videos to help you learn and heal.

Will you give me advice?

We at Inside Out believe aim to help you develop a sense of control over your mental health issues and problems. We believe that the right way to do that is by providing you with tools to empower you to deal with your situation is a better than providing you with advices.

How will I get to know that my emails are reaching your volunteers?

You will receive an automated acknowledgement message the moment we receive your email.

Do I have to tell you my name?

No, you don't have to disclose your name or any other personal information.

What details do I have to disclose in the emails?

Anonymity will be strictly maintained at both the ends. Any information you want to share with us is entirely your choice. All the exchanges will be strictly confidential.

How will the confidentiality be maintained?

The information in the emails will be only amongst the sender and the volunteer (to ensure smoother flow of details).

What information about me is being collected?

The only information we have about you will be the details you share with us, which will be collected only to help you, and record your progress.

Is this a paid or a free service?

It's a free service.

How often can I mail you?

There are no restrictions to the number of times you can mail us.

Can I call or visit you instead?

Currently our help is only available via email exchange.

Is this a safe place to talk about my problems?

Yes, this is an absolutely safe place to discuss your problems and worries. The information being shared is strictly confidential, and at no point will you be forced to do anything you don't want to. The only time your information will be (partially) shared is when the volunteer want to ensure your safety.

Do you give advice about medications?

The right to guide you about your medications is your psychiatrist/ health care service provider. We will not be able to guide you about your medications, but we can refer you to a psychiatrist who can guide you.

Can I become a part of your organisation or get involved in any way?

You can contribute in whatever way you wish to. Contact Us