About Us

We love throwing words around like ‘depressed' , ‘insane' at the most trivial experiences but there are times when we feel closer to the reality of those words. Physical illnesses, we know what to do with; they’re the visible ones. Got a headache? Pop a pill and you’re good. What when it comes to matters of the mind? What about those ‘invisible illnesses' you have no idea what to do about?


We realise that at times a patiently listening, non-judgemental ear is all it takes to get you through tough times. We, through our initiative inside out, hope to provide you just that with our team of friendly ears to help you vent your heart out. We also have a team of professional friends to help you whenever you need them.

This is a small venture of ours to reach out and help those in need. If you have ever felt that getting back into the groove is difficult, if you feel that you can’t make it on your own, if you are baffled as to how to help a loved one grappling with an ‘invisible illness', we might just be able to help you. We’ll help you turn your mind inside out.


Our primary focus is to improve mental health and overall mental well-being, we realise it isn’t an ON-OFF switch, hence our efforts will be directed towards helping you achieve and maintain mental health. The first step towards healing is accepting you have a problem. The next step is to seek help. You deserve to heal. So take your first two steps and let us help you.