By: Gauri Sawardekar | Date - 28th September 2019

A lecture on FIRST AID was presented by SWITCH INDIA Org IN COLLABORATION BRIGHT FUTURE NGO on 28th September 2019, Kandivali, Mumbai.

Feedbacks and participation definitely tells you the worth of the knowledge you shared and the experiences you've learnt.

A warm and pleasant welcome was offered to the guest lecturers Dr. Gauri S. And Dr. Darsh Safi from Switch India org.

The session began with a series of questionnaire round. In order to make the participants aware and familiar with the topic's importance of health and aid. The participants belonged to the Customer relationships and Sales Banking associate department of Bright Future org.

It were a group of young working adults who have taken up their responsibilities of working and getting their education simultaneously. The lecture aimed at making them feel equiped with the core understanding of accidents, injury, mishaps and their precautions .

First AID was introduced in a bid of remembering it as an acronym.

Which stated:

This attempt made them relate to the concept of the session thereby. Once we understood their jist of When, Where and How, First Aid is implicated the sessions began, as they had little yet sufficient understanding. They were introduced to the basic aspects of medical first aid and similarly.

To begin with, topics like the first aid for minute injuries eg. Bruises , cuts and deep cuts were chosen. All the following topics were covered

1.Wound and dressing
2. Bleeding
3. Bandaging and splinting
4. Fractures
5. Ankle sprain
6. Burns and fire management
7. Choking
8. Head injury
9. Spinal trauma
10. Stroke and heart attack
11. 108 and 1 re. clinic

Participants voluntarily started sharing their experiences about injuries and how aptly they dealt with those when asked for. Their active participation brought about a jovial, attentive and experimental session.

Which enthusiasm they didnt give up on throughout the session in wholesome. According to them this method helped them relate and considerably understand Aid, which we aimed for.

Adjacent to it we prepared for Hands on experience about various parameters that were demonstrated during the course of the lecture. Information was shared regarding the Do's and Dont's during the aid.

The lecture turned out to be spontaneous and informative to the audience as they proactively wanted to learn the manouevres and aiding skills respectively.

It being a new topic for them which some out of the crowd felt hadn't been told of earlier, found these tiny bits and peices, worth life saving.

Session's confinement was achieved with a package of experiences shared , understandings of the quick and apt decision making during emergency by all and techniques learnt by them in order to help mankind.