By: Rushi Shete | Date - 28th July 2019

I’m usually terrible with children. So naturally, venturing into an area full of little people running about was a little scary at first. The kids however did not share the same feeling. Beaming, they enthusiastically greeted us, a bright beginning to my first switch event.

The true credit for our warm welcome goes to the RHA who have wonderfully built a rapport with the people who live in the slums near Viman Nagar. They were able to encourage and assemble over 70 individuals making the event a huge success.

Most kids were accompanied by their parents who were equally interested. They were led by the volunteers through a sequence of stations starting with the personal details and anthropological measurements (height, weight etc.).

This was followed by a general examination and history taking after which the patients were diagnosed by the physician and drugs were dispensed. Another vital station was the physiotherapy and counselling. Mothers were counselled regarding hygiene, diet and malnutrition.

Wound dressing was provided to those needing it. Along with routine prescriptions, children were adequately screened for malnutrition and deficiencies and provided supplementation. Those requiring specialist care were referred to nearby hospitals.

Kudos to all the volunteers who really put in a lot of effort and to switch and RHA who organised the camp. Along with the opportunity to be a part of a noble activity, the event gave us a chance to make new friends and encouraged us to participate and organise similar activities in future. Overall, it was a satisfying and unforgettable experience.